Choker of the Fey

From The Journal of a Green-tressed Shopaholic Gnome

18th printing, courtesy of Deidre Swiftsong's manager

"This exquisite piece of jewelry appears as nothing more than a delicate web of silver wire designed to be fastened around the neck of a woman. Or possibly a very small man with a narrow neck. Or maybe a chicken's neck?

"Either way the choker is very fancy indeed. Sometimes. Sometimes it appears as nothing more than a tangle of old roots or a maybe a thick bronze wire. That it is fey in origin, is incontrovertible. It never appears as anything made of iron.

"The nominative is certainly a joke as the choker is a piece of jewelry and has never to this scholar's knowledge actually choked anyone. There are those rumors, but they are most certainly false. Just like to ones that insist I myself have tried to wear it. I do not have wire marks on my neck. I stumbled and fell into a chicken coop make of very small, thin vines. Such things do so exist!

"It does not have power other than it's changeable nature. I'm sorry to say. I wish it were more of an item of first world power. I could get a fair few more coppers than what you're offering me."

-A miserable human man just before Deidre bought the choker from him for 5 copper pieces.

The Choker

It's always been a choker for you. Usually it's a delicate web of silver wire so strong that even in the scrapes you've been in it's never broken or been scratched. It did cut the finger off a halfling cutpurse who got too greedy, one night in Absalom. Your hands have never been marred though.

It is a kind of silver wire that seems to change with the season, however. In summer the gossamer threads are nearly invisible to the naked eyes and using the clasp becomes something of a challenge. In autumn it takes on a red hue, thickens, and becomes curvy in the weave. In winter the silver is so pale it can blind in the right light. The wires become flat, wide, and assume an almost basket-like weave. At last in spring the wires take on the traits of the young shoots sprouting from the trees – thick round and edged in small buds.

No matter what form it takes it always is a single length of wire that may loop, bend, and entwine with itself.

Recently as you've grown comfortable with the choker, you find yourself remembering things you don't think you ever knew. It's as if the necklace is somehow lending you memories you never experienced. Still you forget that it's even there most of the time, even when you sleep.

The Truth About Choker of the Fey

The choker will indeed choke fey. Evil Fey, who've lost their way. For those children of the First World who think it's fun to hurl the innocent, the Choker of the Fey will end them as it is most puissant.

An evil creature with the fey trait will begin to suffocate one round after it dons the choker. Good and neutral fey do not have this problem.

The choker can amplify the voice of its bearer. This grants a +2 circumstance bonus when trying to influence a crowd using verbal communication. The audience must still be able to understand the speaker.

The choker also can enhance a Performance with an aura of stars. Small will-o-wisps appear in dim light or darkness when the wearer uses the performance skill to impress someone or to earn a living. This grants a +2 circumstance bonus to Performance. These wisps are invisible to the performer, but are beautifully obvious to the audience.

Choker of the Fey Necklace
Price - Bulk -
Aspects Air, Mind
  1. A Mighty Roar: You gain +2 to Diplomacy, Deception, or Intimidate skill checks when trying to influence crowds or in situations where a loud voice can be helpful.
  2. Waltz of the Wisps: Tiny Will-o-wisp whirl about you when you use the Performance skill. The wisps are invisible in bright light, such as sunlight or a bon fire, but are easily visible in dim light or darkness. The wisps provide no actual illumination and can not be used as a light source. This huantingly beautiful light show provides you with a +2 circumstance bonus to Performance checks
  3. Unburden the Lonesome Traveler: An evil creature with the Fey trait who wears the Choker immediately begins to suffocate. The choker grasps so tightly it requires the help of a creture with iron or steal tools to break free. Even then it is a DC 25 Athletics check.
  4. Repository of Knowledge: See page 102 of the Gamemastery Guide or the Character Builder. You gain the following lore skills so long as you wear the Choker: First World Lore, Heraldry Lore, and Underworld Lore.
  5. Deadly Spark: See page 96 of the Gamemastery Guide or use the Character Builder.
  6. Propelling Winds: See page 96 of the Gamemastery Guide or use the Character Builder.