A Proper Background

by Stephen Gregory

He starts off in the narative. It doesn't read like a dry history textbook. This is more of a style thing, than a requirement. Stephen got style.


The head priest Ragnar came to inspect the prospects. He walked up and down the line of 5 beings. 2 half orcs, and 3 humans. Most dd not have the look but maybe with hard work one of them would survive. He stopped next to one of the humans, a boy of maybe 14 years. "Who are you boy?" Ragnar asked.

The boy looked right at Ragnar and said, "Dorn."

The half orcs laughed and the other two humans smirked, but both were silenced with but a look from Ragnar. Ragnar looked down at the boy, and noticed he had nothing, but a simple symbol of Gorum around his neck. "How did you come by that?" Ragnar said as he pointed at the symbol.

He incorporates the item he presumably wants as his relic into the narative. He doesn't give me a list (sometimes of a single item) of possiblities. The item and its importance is right here in the narative. He doesn't even have to write extra words explaining things. The value Dorn places on the holy symbol is clear.


The others mumbled for a moment only to be silenced by Ragnar’s look again. "It is important to me," the boy said. As if that was enough Ragnar moved on.

Days later the training had already made one of the humans leave. Dorn excelled at his combat training. His focus on every challenge, but one of the half orcs Holg Skullsplitter was bigger stronger, but not as dedicated to the challenge as Dorn was.

Time passed and only Holg, and Dorn were left. Most of the priests within the temple favored Holg with his fury and strength, but Rangar knew Dorn was the better candidate. Holg enjoyed pushing people around who were weaker than he was while Dorn continued to push himself.

After a few years Holg grew envious of Ragnar’s attention to Dorn. Holg decided he had enough of Dorn and gathered a few allies to attack him. Dorn never retreated, and never pulled back. He fought with all of his might, and was granted power by Gorum. Even with the powers granted by Gorum the fight was hard. Dorn killed the allies but Holg proved too much.

Dorn is interesting, because he's a complete person. This background shows both failure and perseverance. Dorn overcomes things, but he can still lose. That's what makes a hero. This is why we want to follow this character, and characters like him.


Holg stood over Dorn and was ready to kill him when Ragnar ended the fight. Ragnar banished both from the temple. Holg for refusing to seek challenges, and Dorn for loosing. Each were given equipment and told to not return until they had enough accomplishments to be worthy of Gorum.

Dorn has searched for a suitable challenge. This has led him to Breachill.

Most of you got your character to Breachill, which is good. Some of you didn't get him or her there under their own auspices. This is an adventure about charting your own course and being the captain of your own destiny. Stephen did this well. He's here because Dorn wants to be.



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Stupid Crap

Dorn is a bit gruff, but can be personable when he chooses. He will be new to working with a group but understands the advantages. He is unsure how he will fit in, but is looking forward to new challenges. Gorum favors Dorn some (due to him having a domain as a war priest), but Gorum’s favor could easily vanish if Dorn fails again.


He is competent with his two handed sword, javelin, and his gauntlet. He wears a breastplate for armor. He mainly uses his magic to augment his combat. His training focused on physical and combat skills (Athletics, Medicine, Warefare lore, and intimidate). He was trained inknowledge of religion, but he has always had some level of talent with the nature lore. He might seek to learn some crafting for repairs to his armor, and weapons.

Eric's arrogant comentary

This isn't the most well written piece I received. It doesn't have to be. Not everyone (including me) are talented enough to be professional writers. That isn’t the point, and don’t sweat it if you don’t have time to endlessly polish your work. I promise not to hold it against you.

I want you to spend roughly the same amount of time crafting your background and characters as I will crafting a relic for them. That's what makes both of us invested in the game’s success. Make your character interesting. Even Superman has failures and issues. Conversely make them a hero. No one wants to follow the buffoon. Laugh at him sure, but not follow him.

Got it?