Rogue's Island Magic

The Gorge Ley Line (aka The Central Ley Line)

Running straight down the city’s central gorge is a strong ley line. The top of the ley line fails to reach the height of the gorge for most of its length, but runs along the underwater floor of the crevasse. The central gorge is about two miles long and the bottom rises as it heads inland. The ley line rises with it, but does extend several feet underground as it emerges from the water.

Janie’s Slit Ley Line is odd. At night it lights the town with an eerie blue light much the way other ley lines glow, but The Slit’s central line is unusually stable. No ley line storm has ever been recorded on it, it doesn’t pulsate with light and energy, nor does it provide the same level of energy.

The central ley line does not provide Power Points for ritual magic, but it can be used to boost Arcane Powers as usual.

The Providence Nexus

About 4 miles due west of The Slit the Central Ley line connects with three other lines to form the Providence Nexus. A four line nexus ought to be insanely powerful and unstable, but the Providence Nexus is as meek as a lamb. As far as anyone knows it has never had a storm, and a rift has never formed. Pre-Cataclysm the land under it was a children’s playground. Today it’s a grassy field.

A plethora of theories abound: aliens did it, God wills it, there’s a hidden stone pyramid, to magic is just weird.

Power Points cannot be used to power rituals or meditations, but it does enhance powers as normal for a Super Nexus.

Magic Users

Magic use is common in the area. Numerous D-Bees provide a wealth of arcane and psionic knowledge. Refugees from Tolkeen have brought an influx of Techno-Wizardry items and knowhow.

Magic and Psionic practitioners are well regarded and serve in the town’s militia and police force. Most traditions are tolerated and in many cases are welcome. Banned traditions are those that involve alien intelligences, and necromancy. The city has a violent history with Cults of the Deep. Cultists are executed after a short trial.